Following magazines, educational books and readers, Editions Averbode and Nelly & César have decided to open up to the world of television.

The television series follows the everyday adventures of Nelly & César and their friends, and draws its inspiration from the universe of the very young. The characters take children by the hand to explore a world of new discoveries.

They stimulate language, motor, sensory and cognitive development in a fun way. The emotional and interpersonal world of infants is explored through feelings.

The animated series is based on a world with high educational value. Each five-minute episode ends with a game or a song inspired directly by the story. Nelly & César invite young viewers to discover new concepts and objects while playing. Through play and interaction with the characters, the series focuses entirely on educational fun.

The drawing style in the animated series is very distinctive: hand-drawn with unique colours against sparse backgrounds.



Hopla 208 X 5′

Nelly & Cesar (season 1, 2 and 3)