Camera-etc is a Production Workshop from the Walloon-Brussels Community (french speaking part of Belgium) that produces and coproduces arthouse animation shorts. Also Expression & Creativity Centre, Camera-etc organize workshops for children, teenagers and adults, and school projects. During these activities, the participants create an animation short with the help of professionals. Camera-etc is also a professional studio that makes commissioned works : didactic movies, general interest massages, documentaries, teasers, animation for plays, music videos…


2018 : Jacotolocotoc by Thomas Secaz

2017 : Le Marcheur by Frédéric Hainaut

2016 : A Deux Doigts by Lucie Thocaven

2015 : Les Verdines D’antoine by Collective Camera-etc

2013 : Poils by Delphine Hermans 

2013:  Le Labyrinthe by Mathieu Labaye

2011 : La Boite De Sardines by Louise-marie Colon 

2008 : L’enveloppe Jaune by Delphine Hermans 

2008: Orgesticulanismus by Mathieu Labaye