La Cambre Production Workshop is one of the three school workshops of the Wallonia Brussels Federation. It is the only one attached to an artistic option of a school of higher education in the visual arts. The purpose of the workshop is to organize, promote and assist all initiatives and activities that will create favorable conditions for the original affirmation of young directors in the field of animated film and audiovisual expression (all media). This occurs in close collaboration with the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre.The production workshop is a mean at the service of the teaching of the School of La Cambre. By getting familiar with production conditions close to those of the professional world, our students discover the procedures, the benefits and the limits thereof, and they enter lucidly into the world of animation at the end of their studies. In order to facilitate the “pedagogy / production” collaboration, the pedagogical director of the animated film department and the main teachers are also responsible for and actors of the Workshop. The role of the production workshop is not limited to putting technical and financial resources at the service of a school. For 30 years, it has been actively contributing to the distribution of animated films in festivals both in Belgium and abroad, on television, on the internet and it actively contributes to the life of the animation’s world. The Association includes a group of students responsible for the distribution of films produced during the year to festivals, called ADiFAC.

Guy Pirotte, José Abel, Guionne Leroy, Vincent Patar, Stéphane Aubier, Kim Keukeleire, Benoît Féroumont, Vincent Bierrewaerts, Florence Henrard, Louise-Marie Colon, Vincent Kesteloot, Eric Blésin, Rémi Durin, Rémi Vandenitte, Julien Grande, Gerlando Infuso, Laura Nicolas, Lorène Yavo, Jacinthe Folon … have all studied at La Cambre and were produced by our production workshop.