We are a dynamic, forward-thinking production company and animation studio based in Brussels, with a roster of exciting clients including communication agencies, institutions and production companies both in Belgium and abroad. We specialize in 2D/3D audiovisual production and motion design for cinema, television, and social media.

We also work extensively with museums and exhibition spaces. Squarefish can swim in any environment, ready to adapt to any production needs, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation and special effects. Our friendly team can do it all, even set a full co-production up by wrapping up budgets.

Founded in 2011 by Valentin Grégoire, Bruno Chaix and Christopher Cittadini, Squarefish is first a belgian creative animation studio but also a production house. At first they specialised on motion design, but soon developed a production branch, making and financing documentaries, series, animated shorts and features. Their last projects were “Pandas in the mist” (45×2), broadcasted on France TV, “The Street Party”, 82′ feature length, co-production between Zentropa (DK) and Caviar (BE) – Squarefish did all the animation and the background design, premiered in September 2019. Actual 2020 projects will be “Ante Chris”, web serie (16×2′) fully produced at Squarefish, and a short “The night watch”, co-prodution with Autour de Minuit (FR), directed by Julien Regnard. Last but not least, Squarefish is currently developing a kids TV serie (52×13′), Crystal Tales, in co-development with RTBF/Ouftivi and FWB in Belgium, and will be pitched this year in Toulouse’s Cartoon Forum.


Pandas dans la Brume  by Tignous and Thierry Garance – 45×2’

Ante Chris by Gihef – Websérie – 4 selections pitch – 16×2′